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The Best Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes NZ

The Best Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Congratulations! You’re engaged and now it’s time to assemble your bride squad. Your favourite girls will absolutely love our beautiful bridesmaid and maid of honour proposal boxes. Our custom designed FOXY BOXY gift boxes are gorgeous and combined with the perfect shade of blush ribbon these are #instaworthy.

Inside our beautiful bridesmaid proposal boxes are premium quality products, that we guarantee your girls will LOVE.

FOXY BOXY has been creating the most stylish Bridesmaid Proposal boxes since 2018. We stock “will you be my bridesmaid?” cards, swing tags, along with bridesmaid and maid of honour glass champagne flutes and more.

Now all you have to do is decide which gift box  ♡


1. Bridesmaid Proposal – Prosecco

Get ready to cheers each other with this stunning bridesmaid proposal gift box. It features our “bridesmaid” glass champagne flute, with a floral graphic, that your bridesmaid will cherish for years to come. A perfect keepsake to remember your wedding. These glasses are quality and commercially printed in New Zealand. The most gorgeous (and delicious) Freixenet Prosecco presented in their signature cut-glass bottle. Finally, our favourite moisturising lip balm for naturally soft, rosy lips. Imagine the stunning social media posts your girls will be creating with this stylish gift box.

Popular Bridesmaid Proposal Box New Zealand with Bridesmaid Champagne Flute

2. Maid of Honour Proposal – Rosé

Our Maid of Honour gift box is very popular with our kiwi brides looking for something a bit special. Your maid of honour is going to love our gorgeous “will you be my maid of honour” champagne flute 😍 A perfect keepsake to remember your wedding and how important she is to you. These glasses are commercially printed to hospitality grade in New Zealand so you know that the print is going to last. The most gorgeous (and delicious) Freixenet Rosé presented in their signature cut-glass bottle. Our favourite moisturising lip balm for naturally soft, rosy lips. And finally, nourishing luxury hand cream from Living Light.

3. Bride Squad Hamper

This beautiful blush gift box is the perfect bridesmaid or maid of honour proposal gift 💕 Your fave girls will love their Bride Squad champagne flutes for years to come. Bride Squad Hamper is new for 2022 and already proving a very popular choice. This box also makes a wonderful thank you gift to all your fave females who help with your wedding planning.

4. Bridesmaid Gift Box – Olivia

Will you be my bridesmaid? This gorgeous best selling gift box will have your lovely bridesmaids smiling from ear to ear. French Champagne to celebrate, award-winning craft chocolate and an exquisite ecoluxe bath bomb to relax. If your girls love luxury and sophistication, they will swoon over this beautiful hamper.

Olivia Bridesmaid Proposal Box by FOXY BOXY

5. Bridesmaid Gift Box – Charlotte

The cutest bottle of French champagne, luxury body & hand cream and utterly heavenly craft chocolate and a gift card with your special message inside. Your bridesmaids are going to love this gorgeous collection of premium products. This is an elegant gift of luxury for your bride squad and an ultimate bridesmaid / maid of honour proposal box.

6. Other Ideal Gift Boxes

All our available gift boxes can readily be made in to bridesmaid and maid of honour proposal boxes, just contact us if you would like to do this. A few boxes that are also popular proposal boxes include; A Little Something Special, She Is Wonderful and Pamper Her.

7. Custom Gift Box

Want to customise your gift? We love working with clients to create bespoke gifts perfectly tailored to your needs. Please use our contact page to get started.

And finally, we suggest getting their stylish gift boxes delivered to their work places for an extra impressive surprise. Everyone loves to show off in front of their work colleagues!

We wish you the most magical wedding!

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